RozBodyFit LLC offers Mobile Personal Training:
Las Vegas Strip/ Summerlin/ Henderson, NV.

RozBodyFit is a way for you to re-discover a new lifestyle to a healthier & more authentic version of yourself! Allowing us to ascend naturally to your highest self!

Experience the authentic transformation your being is longing for...
your mind, body & soul's fitness. 

Please Contact Us today for a personalized quote &  more information. 
All sessions are to be approved by instructor.

Restrictions do apply.

Payments we accept: Cash/ Check/ Visa/ Discover/ Master Card/ American Express/ Paypal/ Venmo.

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Awakening health ​w/RozBodyFit

Rebeca Orozco presents our community with,
“Awakening Health w/ RozBodyFit” .

Rebeca will be hosting LIVE Health & Fitness Meet Ups, in
Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada; to bring our community together and not only network but help others elevate their health & fitness lifestyle by elevating their mind with knowledge and support.
RozBodyFit's slogan "Fitness for the Soul" takes you on a journey inward into deeper truths, deeper meaninig, purpose and deeper knowldedge of self.

Join featured speaker; International Sports Sciences Association Certified Independent Personal Trainer & Founder of
RozBodyFit LLC Mobile Personal Training.

We would love if you come join us at  “Awakening Health w/ RozBodyFit” Meet Ups as they will give you a new way of thinking about Health & Fitness that will revolutionize your lifestyle.

Get a kickstart into #RozBodyFit2019 at your best, healthiest most fit YOU possible!

Be sure to contact us for details!

This event will be a relaxed, fun-filled social & informative health mentorship type of event with bi-weekly meet ups that will vary in location between Las Vegas & Henderson.

We will keep you posted on our website as well as in our
social media sites available on the top right of this page. 

Stay tuned for bi-weekly event dates... Coming Soon!

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